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IBM Degree College offers B.Sc, B.Com, BBA Courses

B.Sc Syllabus

B.Com Syllabus

NIST BBA will give you ….

The opportunity to develop a range of highly valued professional skills and competitive edges in your career. In most professional Organizations, the senior manages are usually MBAs. There are more opportunities for MBAs than for almost any other functional qualification. The MBA program will provide a quantum jump in career profession.

MBA Programme provides three major skills

Traditional knowledge base with functional expertise in management is essential an effective manager.

Process skills help the management to run the organizations effectively. The skills required include presentation skills, negotiation skills and team building, integrative growth deal with the major themes of business management in a way which integrates knowledge and skills to produce a well oriented management who understands overall business policy and strategy.

specialisations in BBA

Marketing / finance / HRM / systems

Industrial Tours and Project work

NIST strongly believes in theoretical concepts coupled with practical inputs. As a part of it, students will be taken to the different companies at regular intervals to interact with the managers of Marketing, Finance, HRM and Systems. Students are assigned short-term live project works to apply their theoretical concepts to the practical world.

BSc at IBM

We train students in core subjects, personality development and competitive knowledge as per the Industry to get placement in reputed organizations.

NIST combines the best academic and functional knowledge by providing latest hardware and software knowledge.

Apart from academic subjects, NIST fills the gap between academic and software industry by training the students in areas like UNIX architecture, UNIX at system level and user level. Web technologies, J2EE Technologies etc., in M.C.A courses.

NIST is equipped with hi-tech reaching aids, which include Audio-Video equipment, LCD.OHP'S for total comprehensibility coupled with most advanced teaching mythologies.

Apart from curriculum subjects, NIST provides the following additional knowledge to all the students.

I – Semester

Computer Basic Elements

mproving Logical Thinking

Writing Programs Individually

II – Semester

Subject involvement

Spoken English with Linguaphone tools

Developing Communication Skills

I II – Semester

Conducting Seminars

Minor Project for each student

Personality Development Classes

IV – Semester

Preparing the Students for Campus Placements

Interview Techniques

V – Semester

Main Frames- COBAL, CICS, DB2, JCI, VSAM

Case study for each student

Conducting Workshops

VI – Semester


Networking Knowledge

UNIX shell Programming

UNIX Internals

J2EE Programming

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